Joe May

This page is the dedicated outlet for my 35mm work. 

I spent a number of years after college doing photography work, both personal and professional, and absolutely loved it.  I was a part of the early throes of the Minneapolis Photo Center and in a thriving group of photographers in the Twin Cities. By my 25th birthday, it struck me that my very self-interested lifestyle might be missing a certain sense of purpose, and joined the military in hopes of giving something back.  Never with the intent to totally break from photography, I continued to make photos.

The ability to capture sheer volumes of pictures on a DSLR memory card has always been an enabling crutch.  I've always enjoyed the deliberate process and larger degree of uncontrollable in film photography; as well as the limitations of 36 exposures.  While most of my pictures still are digital, my film cameras are rarely without film and are still the most comfortable platform for working.